PEVEX, Croatia

For more than 24 years, the Pevec company, when it comes to non-food trade, stands out in its centers with its distinctiveness in relation to the other “do-it-yourself” shops. The first Croatian trading chain of this kind operates in all parts of Croatia and is the first choice for purchase when it comes to products for construction, equipping and decorating home and garden.

Pevec recognized the need for investments in logistics, mainly  in the central warehouse of the company and an adequate solution should’ve been found. 

After long quest of wms supplier, on April 27, 2015, a contract was signed between Primat informatika and Pevec to implement PrimatWMS solution in the central warehouse in Gornji Stupnik, Zagreb.

In 2017, Pevec moved its central warehouse from Gornji Stupnik to an another location, also in Zagreb which for WMS was no problem cause of support of Primat informatika team.

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