Primat informatika since its early years moved frontiers of warehousing in Croatia, mostly upgrading our products and services. We are proud to say that we, as a first company in Croatia, released a system for logistic tracing of goods. Traceability is, no doubt, one of the most mentioned words in Europe (in our line of business). Trading partners, regulators and consumers need and demand more information about the products they purchase and use. Complexity is driven by industry and consumer need and also enabled through the use of standards.

PrimatWMS System supports the option of traceability which allows control of logistic traceability of goods at all points of the supply chain. Due to the nature of the market, principle of traceability contributes the most in the chemical and food industry since it is the focus of interest of legal and regulatory authorities. In many companies, traceability is an integral part of any crisis management .

In the context of legal and sustainable support in the supply chain, traceability emerged as a new tool the last 10 years to check customers’ demands as well as the safety of goods in the market that customers consume.


Full traceability provides benefits for all partners in the supply chain

Benefits of traceability in supply chain:

  • mechanisms for reconciliation with local and international regulations and laws
  • reduces the risk of entry of low-quality materials , poor or defective goods in the supply chain
  • Enables targeted and effective recall of dangerous products from the market
  • automatic synchronization series and quantity of goods available
  • inventory tracking and control
  • real time alarming
  • Helps consumers be informed on key product attributes such as allergenic food ingredients
  • increased transparency
  • Helps fight counterfeiting and protects brand integrity