Every company has different business models with warehouses playing many different roles in the supply chain.  In the past, warehouses have been referred to as just costs centers, rarely adding value. However, with the increasing demands from customers, warehouses are now seen as vital components to the supply chain.

Today’s highly industrialized production and distribution demands more rational business. Competing all subjects in the chain to be more effective with as little cost as possible. Cost reduction responses can be found in logistics, storage and transportation. Generally, manufacturing companies are not paying too much attention to these two issues, but on the other hand, distributors are struggling to find a way to reduce storage and transportation costs.

In Primat informatika, we understand the modern business and the desire of the company to bear its costs so we developed Cost2Supply module within our PrimatWMS system.

The Cost2Supply module opens up a series of questions and opportunities to improve business operations, all in order to rationalize business and positioning of the company in relation to competition.

In today’s dynamic business environment, turning data into strategic actionable insight is something companies cannot afford to ignore. WMS systems generate massive amounts of data and it is imperative to leverage business intelligence tools to quickly create visualization’s to support timely decision-making. Cost2Supply module provides comprehensive reports and dashboards that allow users to easily monitor costs of warehouse activities, space utilization, picker performance, customer orders and much more. By adding these analytics to PrimatWMS, distributors and manufacturers will be well positioned to drive profitable business outcomes, growth and profitability.