PAN PEK, Croatia

Pan-pek d.o.o. is the leading company in bakery and pastry production in the Republic of Croatia.

At the beginning of 2015, WMS implementation and its integration into the ERP system were implemented, all at the location of the new central warehouse in Zagreb and since then Pan-pek has the best and most innovative WMS in the market. The system supports the marking of a pallet with a finished goods and the receipt and delivery of finished goods using handheld RF terminals. All data is stored in the Oracle database to ensure the sequence of the finished goods palette.

The system is connected to the Spin ERP system of the company with which it exchanges data essential for the WMS system operation and reports back ERP about the product quantities produced.

Also, in Pan-pek we have solved the problem of marking different products on the same production line by stochastic labeling in production via touch-screen bolts.

We must note that WMS is implemented and supported by RF terminals in a warehouse with a working temperature of -25 degrees.

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