AS LOGISTIK, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Europapier Adria d.o.o is part of the Europapier group, one of the leading paper sellers in Eastern Europe, which is part of Heinzel Group. AS Logistik, a company from Široki Brijeg, is a logistics partner of Europapier Adria.

The newly built warehouse of AS Logistik was additionally modernized with the PrimatWMS, which was released in March of 2015. The system supports labelling, receiving and delivering finished goods using handheld RF terminals. All data is stored in the Oracle database. WMS covers all stages of manipulation of goods in the warehouse, from inputs, through production of commercial packages, to outputs and is linked to a superior business information system that, in real time, exchanges all the necessary information.

The project is especially interesting to us as it is the first WMS system in the whole of Herzegovina.

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