Podravka is the largest food company based in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, well known in this region.

Primat informatika (then within Primat logistika) is the provider of automated warehouse equipment and information technology to manage automated storage facilities at the Podravka soup factory.

This project was developed and implemented in the summer of 2004 as a multi-client client-server application for managing and administering automated storage reels.

At the end of 2006, an information system for controlling the sequencing of finished goods in the Studenac and Lipik mineral water production plant was completed and committed. The system is linked to the SAP / R3 ERP Podravka system by XML communication with which it exchanges data on the master data, inputs and outputs of the product.

During 2007, the LABEL palette of finished products was delivered and placed on several locations and production plants of Podravka. The PLC system communicates with the palletizer from which it receives pallet information so that it can apply the logistic label for the default line and product when leaving the pallet.

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