YARD MANAGEMENT – new module

The Yard Management module is a module designed to predict the movement of delivery vehicles in the area of ​​a warehouse or distribution center. It provides WMS users with timely delivery location information and allows ramps to be assigned to vehicles awaiting loading or unloading.

The module provides timely insight into the status of resources at various stages. By monitoring all delays, expediting operations becomes possible, as well as quickly identifying free deliveries for unloading, thus improving the speed and accuracy of operations. By unloading the vehicle, the transport units automatically get the position of the ramp and are available for further manipulation in the warehouse. On the other hand, by placing the transport units on the ramp, for the purpose of delivery, the WMS waybill is automatically filled with the loaded transport units, thus speeding up the delivery process.

It complements and enhances the planning functions within the WMS using visibility execution. It leads to cost savings and better efficiency through a combination of reduced loading/unloading times and improved throughput capacity.

Find out more about the module via email: [email protected]

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